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Are You Overspending? Did you know that your organisation may be haemorrhaging funds on ICT infrastructure that goes unused? Do all of those printers on your Managed Print Agreement still exist? The extent of inefficiency and waste in your operation might surprise you.

How We Can Help With Your Infrastructure Audit

In today’s digital age, every modern enterprise heavily relies on telecommunications. Digital applications, media, and platforms are integral to sales, marketing, internal operations, and communication. However, an inefficient ICT environment can become a substantial financial burden for any enterprise, often without the organisation even being aware of it.

This is where EUC steps in. For over two decades, we have been helping companies across Australia and New Zealand streamline their communication and technology expenses through our leading ICT infrastructure strategies.

How Can We Help
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Our infrastructure utilisation reviews include:

  • Identifies all underutilised and non-utilised fixed voice ICT infrastructure.
  • Investigates the actual status versus the billed status of all services.
  • Provides detailed reports on:
    • Disconnected services still being billed (with rebates/credits due)
    • Services that can be confidently disconnected and the resulting savings
    • Services that require further investigation to confirm disconnection status
    • Manages the initial suspension of services set to be disconnected to minimise business disruption.
    • Reviews subsequent billing to confirm and report on actual savings achieved and follows up on pending requests for disconnection.
    • Boasts a track record of significant cost-savings for major corporate clients such as Downer Group, Shell, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, Tabcorp, Harvey Norman, APN, Aust Red Cross, and Pacific National.

Please note: This is only a partial list of our audit services. We understand that each customer’s environment and circumstances are unique, and our expertise across all sectors allows us to tailor our services to your specific enterprise’s needs.

Hire the Infrastructure Auditing Experts in Australia & New Zealand

No other organisation offers the level of insight and experience in ICT Infrastructure and Telecommunication Audits that EUC does.

When is the right time to conduct an audit? The answer is now. As a critical component of your business infrastructure, gaining control over your telecommunications environment sooner rather than later will enable you to transform it into an efficient, productive, and value-driven resource.

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