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Essential Utilities Corporation (EUC) has proudly served more than

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Introducing Essential Utilities Corporation. Established in 1996, Essential Utilities Corporation (EUC) has grown to become a prominent player in the Australasian telecommunications sector. With offices in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand, EUC has earned recognition as the premier provider of ICT Tender and Benchmarking services. Our core philosophy centres around customer-centricity and pioneering innovation within our industry.


Our Difference

At EUC, our unwavering commitment to independence ensures that we steer clear of potential conflicts of interest. We actively encourage both customers and service providers to scrutinise our competitive analysis. By doing so, we facilitate a transparent and unbiased assessment of the billing, contracts, or offers under review. Our distinctive market insights are instrumental in shaping your Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) procurement strategy.

Understanding that our clients’ primary goal is to maximise the value derived from their Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) contracts, we align our approach with our competitive analysis strategy. Our determination of the range of likely outcomes empowers our clients to make informed decisions, whether they choose to proceed, pause, or adjust their projects.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape marked by significant disruptions like NBN, SWAN, 5G, Managed Services, and Adaptive Networks, the need for flexibility in engagement has never been more critical for our clients. “Doing nothing” is simply not an option in this dynamic environment.

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