ICT Benchmarking

At EUC, we are dedicated to achieving effective Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) benchmarking in Australia and New Zealand. Our commitment provides invaluable guidance to clients in procurement, identifying market leaders and tech providers for long-term partnerships.

About Our ICT Benchmarking Services

The most crucial element in conducting a successful telecommunications benchmark, where both parties readily accept the outcome, hinges on the relevance of the Benchmarker’s database.  EUC has completed over 2,500 benchmarks and has an extensive database of market data.

Our benchmarking process ensures relevance by comparing the Primary Price Drivers of the client being benchmarked and the benchmark peer group. We achieve this because of the granularity of the contractual, usage and infrastructure details we have reviewed.

Our ICT Benchmarking Process

The list of major Primary Price Drivers is extensive, and one of EUC’s primary services is simplifying this complexity to provide leading insights in the comparisons among different ICT providers. Some of the PPDs we consider in our process include:

  1. Expenditure: Current spend per product and “whole of business”
  2. Volume: The quantity of the product or service consumed
  3. Geography: The physical location of each site and the terminating point
  4. Service Levels: Factors such as restoration times, availability, and associated penalties
  5. Technology: Variations like Fibre, NBN, 5G, SDWAN
  6. Managed and Value-Added Services
  7. Government regulation
  8. Contract Term
  9. Funds: Annual funds or bonuses, which have become effective “discounts”

Benchmarking Pricing

Eliminating the need to normalise pricing is the key to a concise, aggressive, fact-based benchmarking outcome by understanding the impact of the Primary Price Drivers on your portfolio.

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