The Importance of A Detailed Analytical Approach to ICT.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving ICT landscape, having a deep and nuanced understanding of products, pricing, and constructs is essential. At Essential Utilities Corporation (EUC), our analysts are renowned for their extensive knowledge, expertise, and analytical approach in these areas, setting us apart in the industry.

Analysts at EUC utilizing an analytical approach to understand ICT products, pricing, and constructs

Expertise in ICT Solutions

One of our Client Partners, Andrew Wass, recently reflected on his first encounter with our Chief Analyst over two decades ago. He remembered being thoroughly impressed by his forensic approach to evaluating bids and understanding customer profiles. Back then, the focus was on Fixed Voice RFPs. Today, we cover a wide range of ICT solutions such as Mobile, SD-WAN, licensing, network management, Telephony, SASE, SSE, SIEM, SOC, and more. Despite these changes, the value of detailed analytics remains constant and crucial.

Real-World Example of Detailed Analysis

Just last week, a customer’s CFO questioned why our final cost analysis exceeded the vendor’s proposed contract for an SD-WAN/Cloud bid. Our detailed analysis revealed that the proposal included only contracted services, neglecting other essential services that the customer regularly purchases. This gap in forecast expenditure, if left unaddressed, could lead to significant disputes and mistrust between the vendor and the customer, ultimately resulting in churn.

Commitment to Transparency

At EUC, we believe in providing our customers and vendors with clear and accurate facts. This commitment to transparency is crucial, especially in large ICT benchmarks and RFPs, where every detail matters. Additionally, our thorough analytical approach accounts for all potential costs and services, preventing unexpected expenses and fostering trust.

Analysts at EUC utilizing an analytical approach to understand ICT products, pricing, and constructs

Impact of Bill Audits

Our experience includes numerous “bill audits” where discrepancies between the forecast and actual expenditure, often running into millions, have had serious implications, including job losses. These audits highlight the critical importance of our detailed analytical approach, particularly for larger customers with complex ICT needs.

Supporting Client Autonomy

Many of our customers prefer to manage the RFP/renewal process themselves, overseeing technical deliverables and vendor preferences. We respect this autonomy, as CIOs and ICT departments ultimately own the business outcomes. However, our role is to ensure that the best commercial outcomes are achieved and that an accurate interpretation of the customer’s profile is provided. This ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and informed, facilitating smoother decision-making processes.

Navigating Complex ICT Concepts

ICT teams often stretch thin, procurement departments juggle numerous responsibilities, and CFOs need straightforward answers about budgets, options, and risks. Understanding complex concepts like “zero trust” can be challenging. Thus, our experts at EUC excel in providing the clarity and insight needed to navigate these complexities successfully. Our detailed explanations and comprehensive analyses bridge the gap between technical intricacies and executive decision-making.

Our detailed analytical approach at EUC is not just a service but a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. It ensures that both our customers and vendors have the information they need to make informed decisions, fostering trust and delivering superior commercial outcomes. By leveraging our extensive expertise and dedication to transparency, we help our clients achieve their ICT goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

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